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As a 100% NZ owned and operated company we are able to provide a customer orientated, cost effective service by utilising our modern fleet of vehicles, effectively trained drivers and experienced management and administration team.

Our story

Our story 

Bulk Lines origins began in Otorohanga when in 1963 Jim and Bev Barker, and Dennis and Cynthia Dow purchased a small rural carrying company, Otorohanga Transport.  It was a typical local carrier providing livestock and general cartage as well as many other services in conjunction with the rail head in Otorohanga. This included the unloading of bagged fertilizer wagons into the local store (Kiwi Fertilizer at the time). 

Through natural growth and acquisition the company developed into one of the largest livestock companies in New Zealand.   In 1992 due to problems experienced with transporting livestock across the Cook Strait during the height of the migration of dairy farming to the South Island, Jim and partners purchased a ship, the Straitsman, and Strait Shipping was formed. This was the first company to successfully break the monopoly held on the Cook Strait by NZ Rail.   

With vision and market research, the potential was identified for increased demand in interisland linehaul, bulk and general freight, to supply freight for the ro-ro decks of Strait Shipping.   This resulted in the establishment of Freight Lines in 1993.  This company diversified to provide a range of logistic solutions for a varied customer base across the country, while still holding tight to its rural roots.   

In 2014 the bulk business was seperated from Freight Lines to become its own entity â€“ Bulk Lines.   It was formed out of the desire to be able to focus more clearly on the needs of "bulk" customers and set its own path for growth and economic sustainability.  This made sure it was nimble enough to respond quickly to customers' needs and provide tailored solutions in the specialist bulk haulage and logistics market, ensuring it could continue to evolve, adapt and grow. 

Today Otorohanga Transport Ltd is owned solely by the Dow family and is still based out of the site in Otewa Rd, Otorohanga. In 2016, the Barker family sold Strait Shipping, Bluebridge, Freight Lines and Streamline whilst Bulk Lines and Stock Lines were retained within the Barker family.  

Today Bulk Lines is owned by Peter Barker and his sister Sheryl Ellison.  It  has depots and warehouses in Otorohanga, Mount Maunganui, Feilding, Auckland, Nelson and Taranaki. They provide professional tailored Bulk transport and logistics services to a nationwide customer base. The local knowledge and experience of the Bulk Lines team enables them to understand their customers needs and work with them to ensure they are met.    

Bulk Lines is proud of their heritage. Their rural roots are embedded in their culture as is the can do attitude and family values.   

“As a family owned company we take pride in being able to provide a customer orientated, cost effective service by utilising our modern fleet of vehicles, professional drivers, and experienced management and administration team.” 

Peter Barker  


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